Reservations on kiddings and sales:
We will be taking reservations once the kids have been born. For reservations we require a half payment as deposit to hold the goat. The deposit is non refundable unless we cannot provide you with what you requested. Changing your mind will result in loss of the deposit. No refunds are available. We reserve the right in ANY SITUATION and at ANY TIME until the goat leaves the farm to retain it. We also reserve the right to decide not to sell a goat for any reason. We do not keep an order to our waitlist; rather, we try to match you up to a suitable goat or situation according to your wants/needs. Wethers are $300 each. Bucklings and doelings are priced according to the breeding (see breeding schedule).

Bucklings must be picked up at 8 weeks of age. Doelings must be picked up at 12 weeks of age. Older goats, once deposit has been paid, must be picked up and paid in full at time of pick up within 1 week of deposit being paid. If your goat stays longer than that, we will charge $2/day for kids and $5/day for adults for board.

If I cannot get ahold of the buyer regarding purchases within 48 hours I reserve the right to move on to the next buyer. Deposits are non-refundable so a lack of communication will result in forfeit of the deposit and the sale nullified.

Health Disclaimer: Once goats have left our property we are not responsible for the health of your goat. All of our goats are sold with full disclosure of any known health conditions. Kids are not sold unless they are in perfect health. We cannot take goats back due to our high biosecurity standards. You are responsible for any vet bills, illnesses or deaths that occur after our goats have left the property.

Kids are sold disbudded, vaccinated with TASVAX (first vaccination), and dewormed. Kids may develop scurs after they have left our property. It will be the responsibility of the owner to deal with any further issues with scurs and to do any booster vaccinations. Registration paperwork will be sent in within two months of purchase.

Farm visits and Goat 101 courses. I used to run a Goat-Keeping 101 course prior to covid. Now, I offer information sessions, one-on-one, with people. $50/h will give you 1 hour of my time, experience and knowledge. If you do purchase a goat from me, the $50 will be taken off the total cost of the goat. This puts value on my time and experience, and allows you to pick my brain one-on-one! Please contact me to book your visit.

Note that I do not do farm visits with classes, pre-schools or homeschool groups due to biosecurity risk and insurance issues.