All goats to approved farm homes only. Preferences given to farms who will milk their does and provide me with photos of udder and conformation development for my records.

All goats are purebred, registered, and from an annually tested, clean herd for CAE, CL and Johnes. Located in Maple Ridge, BC.


2022 wether. Sweet natured, disbudded, $300.

***update sold***Cedar Green Leia $800

Leia is a dry yearling out of Cedar Green Brown Eyed Girl x Furthur Jim Beam. She is small in stature with a nice brisket, level top line and carries the genetics to produce a nice mammary with good capacity. She will be ready for fall breeding. Her sire is my top, well-proven buck who has improved capacity, udder height and teat size in all his daughters. Her dam is a lovely little doe who fed triplets her first freshening and then quints this last season, now owned by Country Oak Acres. As always, from an annually tested negative herd for CAE, CL and Johnes. Photos of dam are courtesy of Country Oak Acres. See photos below and check out more info on the buck and dam of this doe on my buck and doe pages.

Potting Shed Pearl. ***update: sold***

5 year old, 5th freshened doe. Excellent conformation with a well attached rear and fore udder and nice teat placement. This doe makes lovely babies! Bred to a high production buck she has produced conformationally-correct kids with high capacity and improved teat size. She has nice tight shoulders, a level top line and a nice rump. She is wide in the rear and doesn’t toe out. Add this doe to improve on attachments, teat placement and overall body conformation. Click here for her pedigree. To approved farm only. $800.


Cedar Green Lucy Liu. ***update: sold***

2 year old ff. Lucy is out of Caramel, one of our top does. She kidded a singleton via c section this spring due to the baby being malpresented. She didn’t dilate because the baby didn’t move into the birth canal to trigger labor, so vet opted for a c section. He said it will not affect subsequent pregnancies and she should kid normally next season. She has healed well. Photos of her ff udder will be coming soon! Click here for a link to her pedigree. She will make a lovely little milk goat for a family! Excellent mother. She milks out quickly and easily with large orifices and good teat size. Trained to the stand. $600.


***update: sold*** Cedar Green Caramel x Curl Creek Earl buckling

This handsome fellow will be available as a buck. He has blue eyes, a long, level body and is from one of our best does in both capacity and conformation. Caramel has large, easy to milk teats, a very well-attached rear udder and good capacity. Click here for a link to her pedigree. His grandsire is the well-known US Castle Rock Black Oak who adds excellent teat placement, capacity and attachments to his does. Click here for his sire Earl’s pedigree. $900.


I will possibly have one buckling available from Cedar Green Meadow Rose x Potting Shed King Crab. They were just born March 25th so still waiting for them to unfold a bit.

Those on my call back list for doelings will be notified within a month or so while I decide who I will retain and who I will sell.