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Goat Milk, Lard, Coconut and Olive Oil Soap Recipe

This recipe is for those who already have an understanding of how to make soap including the safety precautions around handling lye, standard safety protocols required for soap making, and an understanding of basic soap making terminology. If this is your first time making soap look for a soap making tutorial first.

380g goat milk, previously frozen and thawing.
140g lye
500g olive oil
250g lard
250g coconut oil
30g. essential oil


  1. Combine olive, lard and coconut oil and melt together in a large pot. Turn off heat. Allow to cool to about120F
  2. Add your lye, a small amount at a time, to the partially frozen goat milk. Whisk vigorously. Continue to whisk and add lye, a small amount at a time to prevent scorching of the milk, until it is combined. Cool to 120F.
  3. Add your lye to your oils, carefully, WHEN THE TEMPERATURES ARE WITHIN 5F OF EACH OTHER.
  4. Blend with a stick blender until the soap comes to trace.
  5. Blend in essential oils.
  6. Pour into prepared mold.
  7. Wrap mold with towels to cool slowly. Set is an undisturbed area to cool slowly.
  8. In 24 hours cut soap and place on cutting board or towel for 4 weeks to finish curing and hardening. Use after 4 weeks.